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Whole Person Treatment of Mental Illness with Dr. Margaret S. Chisolm MD, FAMEE, FACP, FAAP [Episode 73]

October 22, 2021

This is an interview not to be missed. Dr. Margaret Chisolm, MD stops by The Intentional Clinician podcast to discuss her new book "From Survive to Thrive: Living Your Best Life with Mental Illness" (Johns Hopkins University Press).

Dr. Margaret Chisolm, MD and Paul Krauss MA LPC discuss the evolving state of mental health treatment in the United States. Dr. Margaret Chisolm, MD offers advice on practices for people to move from "surviving to thriving." Dr. Margaret also shares about Johns Hopkins' psychiatry model (The Perspectives of Psychiatry Approach) and how the comprehensive nature of this approach helps the doctors understand patients better. Dr. Chisholm discusses resources for the latest research on mental health treatment, her experience treating patients and teaching, and hopeful stories of recovery from real patients.

As a practitioner, it is important to consider the following elements in diagnosing a mental illness and how these factors overlap and interact: 1. Are these symptoms the result of an obvious disease? 2. Are these symptoms emerging from a personality?  3. Are these symptoms influenced mainly by behaviors?, 4. Are these symptoms as a result of something they have encountered?

Dr. Margaret Chisolm, MD, FAMEE, FACP, FAAP is Vice Chair for Education, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; and professor of Medicine, at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. 

Are you a parent of an adult that is having major difficulties? Is there conflict in your family about how much help to give your adult child?


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