The Intentional Clinician: Counseling and Psychology

Trauma Informed Care, Neurobiology, and Modern Integrated Care with Randy Webb [Episode 14]

March 23, 2018

Paul Krauss MA LPC interviews Randy Webb MA MC LPC LMHC (TRN/HAP EMDR Facilitator, and trainer of Ericksonian Methods, behavioral health topics, and more—and learning consultant). Randy and Paul discuss trauma-informed care, and “modern integrated care” based on the latest neuroscience research, neurobiology, counseling and behavioral health research. Paul and Randy discuss Randy’s background in becoming a therapist and eventually a consultant and trainer by exploring his roots in training with the Milton H. Erickson Foundation. Eventually, the topic shifts to trauma-informed care and how to integrate that into many facets of the medical community both in and outside of the behavioral health system. EMDR therapy and other mind-body techniques are discussed. Further, Randy proposes that new terminology is emerging or needs to emerge to describe the integration of neurological and medical research on the entire “nervous system” and how this emerging data is merging with concepts from psychology and counseling. Many ideas are shared and questions, such as “what does whole-person care look like, in a system with limited time and resources?” And what does it mean to switch from fixing issues after they are broken, or investing in prevention. The conversation eventually covers how a modern integrated care approach and the awareness of a new intregrate paradigm can influence the community at large.

Randy Webb MA MC LPC LMHC works in Phoenix, AZ as a Private Practice Counselor, TRN/ HAP EMDR Facilitator, and a learning consultant for a large behavioral health organization in Maricopa County Arizona. Randy can be contacted through his email

Paul Krauss MA LPC is the host of the Intentional Clinician as well as a Private Practice Counselor, Behavioral Health Consultant, Counseling Supervisor, and clinical trainer (ACRA Certified Trainer and creator of his own training “The Intentional Clinician" (6 CEUS)). Paul works to train clinicians at behavioral health organization in best practices. Paul has his private practice at Health for Life Grand Rapids, in Grand Rapids MI and is frequently visiting Phoenix, AZ for work as well.  Check out the webpage If you or someone you know is in need or just wants to give counseling a try-- call Paul at 616-365-5530 (direct), or at the office 616-200-4433. Learn more about Paul Paul enjoys email,

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