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The Healing Process starts in the Discomfort (Dealing with the Emotional Detox from Trauma and Substance Use) with David Fraijo [Episode 83]

March 25, 2022

Paul Krauss MA LPC interviews David Fraijo (part 1 of their conversation). David and Paul discuss David’s path of healing through uncomfortable encounters with his own emotions and behaviors. David discusses his personal path toward emotional healing and recovery from self-hatred, while eventually changing his life and working to help others through a healing circle and honest conversations. 

“If I would have killed myself back then…I would have been murdering the wrong identity.” - David Fraijo

“You’re not the person you were when you were using [alcohol and drugs], and you’re not the person you have the potential to become.”

ALSO DISCUSSED: Trauma, Healing Circles, Recovery, Sarcasm, writing a book, going into a treatment center, adult children of trauma, self-medicating, family system, how friends can be an extension of the family system, fitting in, getting uncomfortable on purpose, 12-step programs, giving away your power, survival techniques, relationship with the self and others, ceremony, what is resolution?, suicide, what it is like being a minority in a high school, cause and effect, dishonest society, the language of your subgroup, survival strategies, culture, alcoholism, marketing, low self-esteem, joking with telemarketers, afraid of acknowledging death, existentialism, being honest in the business world, retirement, creating artwork such as rattles, marketing comfort and indulging (what is the trade-off), red-lining, institutional and systemic racism, the war on drugs, people pleasing as a coping skills, projection, integrating mental health into the education system, capitalizing on the healthcare problem, the business of therapy, collectivism v. individualism, learning about intergenerational trauma, hippie movement, rigidity and chaos, psychiatric hospitalization, treatment, positive structure, financial barriers to health care, porcupine family, trying to change people, the death of David’s daughter, listening—not hearing, feeling emotions as a powerful act, recovery from substance overuse, machismo, toxic masculinity, addiction: Giving one’s self up to a powerful habit, male psychology, etc. 

David Fraijo is a native Arizonan. He is a healer, an author, a public speaker, and has run a healing circle for years. For years David worked in the swimming pool deck industry before a number of personal factors brought him to do his own healing work and get into recovery from codependency,  childhood trauma, and substance overuse. David believes that by working on himself he can affect others. David states “My only client is myself…if I work on myself, I can help others…but I am not going to try to fix anybody.”

Learn about David’s book: Emotional Detox: Redefining Self- Moving through trauma to a new identity
Learn about David’s current work by emailing him:
Watch David’s DEBX talk:


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