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Overcoming Hoarding Behaviors through Empathetic, Humane, and Ethical Methods w/ Elaine Birchall [Episode 50]

August 1, 2020

Paul Krauss MA LPC interviews Hoarding Behavior Expert, Author, Consultant and Therapist Elaine Birchall, MSW, about her work helping people all over the globe be able to overcome hoarding behaviors. If you are interested in or impact by hoarding, this is not a conversation you will want to miss!

Elaine Birchall, MSW, is a hoarding behavior and intervention specialist and coauthor of Conquer the Clutter: Strategies to Identify, Manage, and Overcome Hoarding (with Suzanne Cronkwright). Elaine helps to demystify and de-stigmatize hoarding. Elaine discusses the latest research on and strategies for treating hoarding disorder, shares real cases mined from her 18 years in the field, and offers tools to help clinicians assess where their clients may fall on the hoarding spectrum.
More than 19 million Americans hoard, many more are impacted. Hoarding comes with enormous costs to relationships, time, focus, peace of mind, and self-respect. It devastates relationships and it harms the emotional health of the children involved. Hoarding can also become a legal, personal, and public health and safety issue. Without hoarding-informed supportive interventions, people who hoard will continue to experience further deterioration in their mental health and in their living conditions.
More about Elaine Birchall:
• Director of Birchall Consulting & founder of the Canadian National Hoarding Coalition
• Helps individuals with hoarding disorder to understand and change their relationship to things—and to clean up their environment
• Trains mental health professionals across North America on how to treat folks who hoard and counsel family members impacted

You can take a quiz to find out if Hoarding is impacting your life here:

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