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How to “drug-proof” your child and more with Mike Speakman [Episode 4]

June 5, 2017

The Intentional Clinician, Episode #4 How to "drug-proof" your child and more with Mike Speakman.

In part 1 of my conversation with Mike Speakman, we discuss how to help “drug-proof” your child, how recovery works, and what to do about the drug addiction issues facing our community. We talk about recovery from addiction, cultural rites of passage, personal growth through relationships, family, community, and counseling. We discuss how delayed emotional growth in children may contribute to illegal drug use as an adult. We discuss how parents can intervene successfully to help an addicted child. We discuss the current culture in the United States and how we can all help our neighbors and children to navigate some of the difficulties facing our communities through drugs and other forms of addiction. We discuss personal growth and how to be open to different points of view so that you can help yourself and others to change. It's difficult to summarize this vibrant and wide-ranging conversation. We hope you enjoy this interview with Mike Speakman LISAC, founder of the PAL support group (parents of addicted loved ones).

Most children in the United States will end up experimenting with drugs by the time they are adults, so you can't really ever drug-proof anyone 100%, but there are many things to learn as a family member or friend that can help someone steer clear of drug addiction. Learn how by working with a counselor who has experience with addiction work and check out Mike's book here.

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