The Intentional Clinician: Psychology and Philosophy

Mindfulness, Recovery, & Philosophy with Bryon Sabatino Pt. 1. [Episode 6]

August 13, 2017

The Intentional Clinician Episode #6: Mindfulness, Recovery, & Philosophy with Bryon Sabatino

In part 1 of my conversation with Bryon Sabatino, we discuss how mindfulness and philosophy as ways to be in recovery. Bryon and Paul discuss that we are all in recovery from something and share insights from their practices. Bryon has been running and intensive outpatient therapy group in Tempe, AZ called "Inner Work Counseling" for years and has helped so many struggling with addictions to substances. 

Bryon Sabatino is the owner and founder of Inner Work Counseling in Tempe, AZ. Check out his website here.

Paul Krauss MA LPC practices counseling in Grand Rapids, MI. Paul has his private practice at Health for Life Grand Rapids, located on 781 Kenmoor Ave SE, Suite C. Grand Rapids, MI 49546. Check out his clinic which features himself and several fantastic clinicians  If you or someone you know is in need or just wants to give counseling a try-- call Paul at 616-365-5530 (direct), or at the office 616-200-4433. Here is Paul's email:

Learn more at

Stay tuned for more intentional clinician episodes. Feel free to send in show topic requests. Thank you for listening. -Paul Krauss

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